Do it yourself vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve read my other articles, you know I’m a supporter of cleaning your own carpets. The difference is I’m for basic maintenance which consist of daily or weekly vacuuming and home spot removal with safe ingredients. Although I say basic, its the key in which plays a vital role in the life and appearance of your carpet. When you follow my guideline, your carpets will look much better than others who do not.

Carpet Cleaning vs Professional Carpet CleanersCarpet Cleaning Steam machines that is found in stores is no match for professional carpet cleaners.  The idea that you can get great results with a steam machine from a grocery store does not even make sense. Do you really think a $300 carpet cleaner can out clean  a $10,000 -50,000k worth of carpet cleaning equipment and trained cleaners? Let’s take it a step further. Do you think buying auto tools now qualifies you as a mechanic?

 Money Down The Drain

The money you will spend renting sub par equipment and harmful solutions can be saved and applied to your first professional cleaning. Some homeowners paid twice to have their carpets cleaned. They paid for the rental and when they realized that it was not going well, they hired us. Now, you may say, well your just saying this because your professional carpet cleaners. Well, here is what carpet manufacture Shaw Floors says “If you decide to rent a steam cleaning machine and clean your carpet yourself, you’ll need to choose your equipment carefully. Most rental units available do not adequately clean and may actually damage the carpet. ” Why take the chance in ruining your carpet when you can hire professionals to do it?

A Story: Before I got into this business, I rented a Rug Doctor.

I was 22 years old and my cat urinated all over our basement. I was quoted a price of $100 to cleaned the basement. I guess it may be a “man” thing but I felt, why pay $100 when I can do it myself. Well, after renting the equipment and the solution I was at $80. I followed the directions and cleaned away. It was a nightmare. The carpet was very wet and after about a day and half, the smell was worst! I got on the phone and called a local company who came over and took care of the problem. This is what started it all.

Total cost was $180. Do it right the first time and hire a professional for non routine cleanings.

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