Do it yourself carpet cleaning

So you want to save some cash and clean your carpets yourself?

I say, great! Many people in the industry call me crazy but I believe the home owner should maintain their carpets. When you take the time to care for your carpets, you are doing more than just prolonging its life  by 70%, You are improving the indoor air quality that is proven to play a role in your health.

Another reason I encourage home owners to dust off the good ol’ vac and start vacuuming is that you make my job easier! Many home owners don’t realize is when you do not perform routine maintenance, the appearance of your carpets drops to about 50% within a few years.  Should you have children, pets and frequent guests, this can speed up that process.  When you speed up the process you end up spending a few hundred to thousands to replace. If saving money sounds good to you, then when you calculate the cost for yearly cleanings with replacing every 5 years, you’ll love us even more.

We receive calls in which the carpets are rated a 4 or 5, which mean they are in heavy to severe soil condition. These carpets in most cases are matted with heavy traffic areas and stains. The truth is, once the carpet fibers are worn and stained, we can only bring your carpets back to a 3 and sometimes 2. Here is a great analogy we use to make it easier to understand.

The T-Shirt Concept

Imagine wearing the same t-shirt every day for one year without washing it. After one year, this shirt will be filled with stains, spots and odor. So, now you decide it’s time to wash this shirt. Do you think after one wash this shirt will look brand new with every spot /stains removed? I doubt it. Yes, it will look much cleaner however, it will never look the way it would had to washed it after every use.

The same can be said about carpet cleaning. You must maintain your carpets so that when it’s time for a professional cleaning, it will look better,cleaner and prolong the life of your carpets!

Do it yourself carpet cleaning tips:

Renting carpet cleaning equipment is not recommend. You can read my other article: Do it yourself vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

What to do:

  • Daily vacuuming with one or more cat or dog. This may seem excessive but it’s not. Pets shed onto the fibers and if not vacuumed often will embed itself into the carpet fibers.
  • Every other day vacuuming for household with children. Flooring no matter that type hold soil and when walked on spread into the air. You can limit this by vacuuming every other day.
  • Spots/Stains:  You can try to remove the spot yourself but never use over the counter spot removers. Unless you love bleached spots.
  • Once a year or within 6 months have them professionally cleaned.

This is all you have to do. Its really this simple.




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